Dr Karl does love a chat, especially on the airwaves. He loves to answer those curly questions, and keep everyone up to date with the latest news in science & technology. It’s fair to say, that he’s a self-confessed media trollop…Here’s a list of all his regular radio appearances, and links to some of those which are available for download via podcasts.

Karl’s Regular Radio Gigs


ABC FNQ – 10.00 – 10.30 with Pat Morrish (Sydney Time)
ABC Brisbane 612 – 10.30 – 11.00 with Madonna King (Sydney Time)
Triple J with Zan Rowe 11:00am – 12:00pm, Australia wide.
BBC Five Live 2:00pm – 3:00pm AEST, over the internet – http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/podcasts/drkarl/


702 ABC Sydney with Adam Spencer 6:15am – all of NSW.

Great Moments in Science

Great Moments in Science gets played on practically all ABC AM stations around Australia, at more random times as determined by the station themselves. If you need to get in contact with your local station to find the time they’ll be airing GMIS, then. ABC AM stations may be found here.


35 comments so far

  1. Robby on

    Hi Dr Karl – I love the website update and your books are great. But we need more podcasts – perhaps have an archive section where they can be easily accessed – Finally Science for the masses – well done…

  2. caroline on

    Hi Robby,

    this webpage will get a complete overhaul at some stage in 2008, and an archive of podcasts would something we’d definitely look at.

    all the best


  3. Gavin French on

    Hello Dr Karl, i look forward to the archive of past podcasts, that would be excellent, i normally only get to listen to you on the BBC FiveLive, up all night show, which is fantastic, but have recently found the weekly shows on ABC and enjoy listening to them both very much!

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Andrew on

    Hi Dr Karl.
    I listen to your BBC ‘Up all night’ show, I download the podcast and listen to you regularly at the Jym (great show!). Recently you mentioned a video podcast with a introduction to an aspect of relativity (I think it was Lorentz contraction). I’ve been looking on various sites for this and can’t find it. Can you tell me where to find it?

  5. Scott on

    Hi Dr Karl,

    I heard you talking the other week about spiders and their different web making behaviour when given certain drugs. I have an excellent short video I would like to send you on the subject, that I was sent. It’s only 2 mins long. Do you have an email address I could send it to?


  6. Martin on

    Hi Dr Karl

    Just to echo Andrew’s (Feb 1st) sentaments… would love to see that relativity clip you mentioned but I also can’t find it. It sounds prefect for my A-level students who frankly most of the time are at playschool level!!

    Love the show…

  7. kam2 on

    To Andrew and Martin,
    Unfortunately, the vodcast was only up for a week before the next episode went on and replaced it. Now, as the show is over, the vodcasts are off the interweb. However, the DVD is now available through ABC stores and online.

    To Scott,
    That video sounds great. Could you please send it to lk@physics.usyd.edu.au

  8. Andrew on

    Hi Dr Karl
    Its Andrew again. Just a tip: don’t post your email address online in a format ‘spam-bots’ can read. They will harvest it and spam you till the end of time. You could write lk [at] physics.usyd.edu.au (there are lots of other ways but I wont bore you with them).

    ps: Looking forward to your bbc podcast, I’ll be at the Jym in a couple of hours trying to ignore the pain – of the running machine not the podcast 🙂

  9. Matt on

    Hi Dr Karl,
    I was listening to you on Triple J this morning, and you a mentioned a podcast involving an hour-long discussion about dark matter, with two cosmologists/astronomers as guests. I forgot to write down the details (as always), and I’ve been looking for it and I can’t find it. Where could I find it?

  10. Alex on

    same as above i can never find it

  11. Tim on

    Get the podcast of the show you listend to and then wright down the details. Podcast for the jjj show is http://www.abc.net.au/science/k2/podcast/drk_rss.xml

    🙂 Tim

  12. Kevan on

    Dear Dr Karl,

    I listen to your 5-Live, Up All Night podcast whilst I am driving around Kuwait. To pick up on two recent themes:

    I think that the FM radio phenomenon associated with meteors described by one of your listeners is called meteor burst and there are communications devices that exploit it. Meteors of different sizes enter the upper atmosphere all the time. Really small ones are very common, bigger ones that you can see are rarer. The ionised trail that they leave behind can reflect radio waves back to earth. Those from bigger meteors last longer than those from small ones. The engineering trade off is to find a frequency that exploits meteors with trails that are both common-enough and that last long-enough to pass some information. The Wikipedia link is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meteor_burst_communication.

    The stories of aircraft radios being received way beyond the range that would normally be expected is almost certainly due to VHF ducting. I had understood this to be associated with a particularly strong ionosphere but Wikipedia has it that it is due to inversion layers, normally associated with high pressure. The result is that radio waves propagate much further, with less interference from terrain intrusions and the curvature of the earth. In some parts of UK in the summertime, it is not unusual to be able to hear taxi companies where everyone has an American accent! The Wikipedia link is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_propagation#Tropospheric_ducting_and_enhancement_or_refraction_via_inversion_layer

  13. Neil on

    G’Day Dr Karl,
    I believe that you can always tell a truly intelligent person, when they are able to utter those three words “I DON’T KNOW”.

    I have yet to find a better way to learn than to be able to admit that you don’t know everything already.

    Good On Ya.
    P.S. Love all the shows that you appear on.

    P.P.S I have to have a laugh as I listen to you struggle to contain your frustration at some of your callers on BBC. You know the ones I’m refering to. The folks who don’t seem to be able to understand the whole concept of global warming.

    Keep fighting the good fight mate.

  14. Lesley Jackes on

    Dear Karl, I am the Coordinator of the South West Women’s Health and Information Centre in Bunbury WA. We are planning an event for next year related to the Keven Bacon Syndrome (six degrees of separation) to promote health awareness of breast cancer issues, cervical screening and other health topics. We have realised that social connectedness is vital for mental well being. We are holding an event “Six degrees of connection” and were wondering if you could give us a quote for attending and hosting the event. We would time the event to suit you.

  15. David Wharfe on

    hi there,
    Just to thank you Dr Karl for reviving my long discarded interest in science.
    Finding your BBC pod-casts quite by accident, and listening to your fascinating facts and very educated guesses, spurred me to enroll on a distance-learning university science course.
    over 20 years since leaving education for blue collar work and now i’m back in the (metaphorical) classroom again & loving it.
    Keep up the good work.

  16. Laurie Whitten on

    I was listening to this week’s radio 5 broadcast (jeeez those republicans are very empty vessels!), where it was mentioned that I would find lots of podcasts on your site – I can see the ‘Archive’ button but can’t get down through it – is this where they are (will be?).

    Thanks for bringing interesting science to the fore – love the show!

  17. mel rosenberg on

    Hi Dr. Karl,
    It’s been a few years, so I have lost your e-mail address.
    I’ve just relaunched my website for kids, with eight illustrated and narrated stories about health and other subjects. the url is
    please have a look and tell me what you think, my e-mail is
    i am still doing bad breath research, but am entering the music – writing phase of my career.
    very best wishes,

  18. gyps and jill on

    Dr Karl,
    We’re wondering why a small bank of wind generators can’t be installed on electric cars so that they generate their own power and don’t have to recharge after a hundred k’s or so?
    gyps and jill

  19. Martin on

    Dr Karl,

    Help point out the many flaws in my idea. A (every) home has a device like running or rowing machine connected to something like a dynamo. Regular use could allow individuals/families to exercise and therefore improve general health, fitness and prevent obesity. Additionally it could generate/store energy which will help reduce an individuals carbon footprint?



  20. Sabina on

    Hey there Karl,

    listen to one of your really amazing article on ABC radio today about the age of the body… I’m a great believer in cellular memory and it’s relationship to the physical body as a part of the autonomic nervous system.. and also the quantum mechanics of dimensional interference with any intake of large increase in previously foreign substances (i.e. increase in radioactive isotopes c14- which I do believe has been considered a part catalyst to the process of evolution) also the taking of various drugs.. from coffee to acid… I would love to hear more on this subject also if you could give me direction to some literature about the cell-time turn around of every organ or please send me a list… I have also much interest in the healing powers of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    By the power of your mind thank you for thinking!

    I always love to hear the world from your angle and spacial orientation : )



  21. Matthew on

    RE: JJJ 27/11/8.
    Rubber seal wearing crank shaft.
    I remember doing pracs on material science in the first year of engineering. We tested the hardness of material using the Vickers pyramid number.
    This prac showed us that technically rubber is harder than steel because the tester left no dent and therefore it was harder than steel.

    Then there are other factors, such as the seal being made of an elastopolymer, so as the shaft rotates the polymer chains just get stretched in the direction of rotation. The hot engine oil hardens the polymers. The steel also has a face centred cubic or base centred cubic structure which has shear planes, so the surface layers can be easily sheared. The seal does not have this property.

  22. Zarna on

    Hi Dr Karl,
    I have been listening to some old podcasts lately from Triple J & there was an podcast on 11/5/06 where you said that it had been proven that no animals get motion sick.
    We had a Standard Poodle (the largest kind) who used to get (what we thought was) carsick of the worst variety, she would dribble like crazy, her chin would literally be dripping with spit and on a few occasions she actually threw up (right down between the gaps under the handbrake much to dad’s dismay)

  23. Zarna on

    sorry my comment accidentally published

    anyway can you tell me why this would happen? If she wasn’t really motion sick why would she have thrown up?

  24. William on

    I would really like to listen to some podcasts. They are very hard to track down. An archive of all the podcasts Dr Karl is in to download from this site would be great!

    Cheers 🙂

  25. Jakub Pluta on

    Hi Dr Karl,
    I just read your article about the stability of a four legged table and the method of rotation resulting in stability.
    If a table has three equal legs and the fourth one a bit shorter and if the table is standing on a perfectly flat and even floor (no bumps , no dips), then no amount of rotation will ever result in the table being stable. Do You agree ?
    Hoe does Martin’s law of rotation explain that ?

    I love Your column

  26. Andy on

    Hi Dr Karl,

    I normally listen to you you via BBC Radio 5 Live. And your weekly show which I either listen to on nights or via the podcast is just the highlight of the week. it stops me feeling like some automated lifeless fool in the corporate world, and makes me remember I went to University once….You get the grey matter working again! keep fighting the good fight my friend! And don’t let the light of reason ever go out!

    Andy Cheshire in the chilly UK.

    Ever noticed if an Englishman puts on a cockney accent then speaks down their nose they sound like they are from Western Australia? Can you reverse it?

  27. Paul macrae on

    Hi Dr karl,

    I love your up all night shows. On last nights show(5th feb) someone asked why are snow flakes white while water is transparent. Someone replied with the theory that they act like mirrors, I have a little theory of my own witch could be a bit wide of the mark im not sure, but hopefully might help you out. I think they act more like mini prism’s rather than mirrors(more refraction than reflection),more like absorbing the light that is available and then through refraction appearing white. Because if they work through reflection surely snow would’nt appear white at night(sounds stupid i know). Hopefully this will help you in your quest to finding out why snow flakes are white.
    keep up the good work!!!

  28. Bert Semmens on

    Just read your “silence is golden” Re global warming. The earth has been warming since the ice age when the glaciers werdone in Canada etc. and presumably was warmer in ca. 1000Ad when Greenland had a small population, but is now perma frost. If a straightline graph of the earths temperature from the time of it’s consolidation to the present shape to now, how much deviation from that line would the ice age cause and the warming AD1000 and at present.

  29. Ann Milne on

    Hi Dr Karl,

    Please can you let me know why we feel cooler when we have a fan running in the room.



  30. malc on

    hello dr karl ,love the 5 live up all night with rod , i listen every week ,[im unable to ring in as im at work],i have a question about the new energy saving light bulbs, with the old type my mum allways said if you leave the room for more than 5 minutes switch the light off ,as it is not worth switching off for say 2 minutes, she says it costs more money to keep switching the light on and off,but i have not heard any one say this about the new type of bulb,is there any benefit to the enviroment[or cost]if i switch the light off even if its only for a moments,or to leave it on as it will make no difference, i hope you can either email me or better still ,answer my question on up all night ,keep up the good work ,thank you

  31. Brett Porter on

    Good morning Dr Karl, You’ve probably already worked out that you don’t need to do any calculations about the ‘rotating light beam reflection moving faster than the speed of light’ question this morning on the Madonna King program. The question is based on ‘folk logic’ or in other words a faulty premise or logical farce. There is nothing moving faster than the speed of light in this scenario. The reflection of the light off the wall is not a moving object. It’s just that our language and limited environmental experiences fool us into thinking it is. An analogy would be looking at one horizon in the nighttime and sweeping my gaze across the starts to the zenith and on to the other horizon and claiming that my sight was travelling at billions of light years per second and that I had smashed Einstein’s hallowed theory. But nobody claims such nonsense. Not only is the reflection off the wall not breaking the speed of light, it is actually not moving at all. The illusion of ‘movement’ would be created by the different photons being reflected successively from different points adjacent to each other on the wall. The change of position of the reflection gives the illusion of movement and the rate of change of position gives the illusion of speed. Now we can see that if one could project a linear laser (a line of continuous light reflection along the length of the wall) one could use that same faulty premise to claim that we had created an object moving at the speed of infinity. Thanks Dr Karl for the education you offer, it’s very engaging and enlightening. Brett Porter

  32. Shelly on

    Hi Dr Karl,
    Love your work!
    have you ever heard of glass exploding for no reason?
    Except there is a reason and you know it?
    One of the louvres in my bathroom has exploded its dear sweet safety glass all over the place and there is no apparent reason or cause.
    🙂 thanks!

  33. Nev on


    I have heard you several times refer to the waste of energy because spent fuel rods in nuclear power plants are replaced while they still hold 5% of their potential energy and comparing this to putting 50 litres of petrol in a car then tipping 47.5 litres out. However, (cite http://www.consumerenergycenter.org/transportation/consumer_tips/vehicle_energy_losses.html) this is not necessarily a good comparison because so little (15% according to the above article) of the potential energy in petrol is actually used to propel a car down a road. Comparatively, the innefficiency and waste in a nuclear power station isn’t really much different from a petrol powered family car).
    (I expect that like car designers, the nuclear energy industry to try to extract as much of the energy from the fuel rods as is feasible and practical given the available knowledge and technology)

  34. Nev on

    doh that second line should say 95% not 5%

  35. Marilyn Johnson on

    Hi Dr. Love;
    I hope you remember me. My name is Marilyn Johnson. I have found something that has changed my health and given my life back. Please check it out. My website is http://www.lifevantage.com/marilynj
    I look forward to hearing from you. I would love to talk to you about this amazing product Protandim. I am getting so many calls from people thanking me for introducing it to them. Prime Time News did a special on it in 2005. You can check that one out at abchealthreport.com. Please feel free to contact me. I so look forward to hearing what you like about this.

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