Dr. Karl has written 27 books to date, beginning with ‘Great Moments In Science’ in 1984, and his latest book, ‘Science Is Golden’, which was released in November 2008. According to the “New Scientist” Magazine, Karl’s last five books have all hit the position of best-selling Popular Science book in Australia.

Science Is Golden - Out Now.
Science Is Golden – Out Now.

Please Explain Please Explain, HarperCollins Publishers Pty Ltd, Australia, 2007, ISBN 0 7322 8535 7
It Ain't Necessarily So … Bro It Ain’t Necessarily So…Bro, HarperCollins Publishers Pty Ltd, Australia, 2006, ISBN 0 7322 8061 3. Also check out the Book Launch here
DisInformation Dis Information – and other Wikkid Myths, HarperCollins Publishers Pty Ltd, Australia, 2005, ISBN 0 7322 8060 5
Great Mythconceptions Great Mythconceptions – Cellulite, Camel Humps and Chocolate Zits, HarperCollins Publishers Pty Ltd, Australia, 2004, ISBN 0 7322 8062 1
Bumbreath Bumbreath, Botox and Bubbles and other Fully Sick Science Moments, HarperCollins Publishers Pty Ltd, Australia, 2003, ISBN 0 7322 6715 3

Out Now!  Out Now!  Out Now!

Out Now! Geeks and Geekettes, this is the gift for you. Available now, Sleek Geeks is popular science at its best featuring Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and maths whiz Adam Spencer. The Sleek Geeks mix science with humour as they set out to answer some of the perplexing scientific mysteries we encounter on a daily basis. Sleek Geeks harks back to the days of Julius Sumner Miller and his memorable catch-cry, “Why is it so?” Like Sumner Miller, the Sleek Geeks’ mission is to reveal the surprising science that lies hidden in our homes, offices and backyards. Based loosely around themes such as “Time”, “Mind Games” and “Senses”, Sleek Geeks provides moments of deep thought to the most arcane and bizarre ideas imaginable.


7 comments so far

  1. rahul on

    has an astronaut reached moon

  2. madog on

    Youre a legend

  3. Whitney on

    Dr Karl you are a wonderful writter! I’ve read most of your books and you have helped me expand my knowledge. Some thing actually popped up during everyday conversations!
    C YA!

  4. Amandah on

    Hello Dr Karl, did you mention today (12.3.09) on tripple j that you have some books for free, if so where can I find them.
    I love listening to your program. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Richard on

    Dr Karl,
    As an emerging scientist interested in expanding my literary horizons could you provide a list of your ten most interesting reads? My last was ‘Deadly feasts’ by Richard Rhodes.

  6. Brent on

    Hey Karl
    Any chance I could purchase all of your books as a set for a good price? Got a few already but lovin ya work.
    I think your next edition should be based on X-rated theories as you tend to add a few cheeky discussions on air.
    Keep it peachy keen mate!

    catch ya on triple J

  7. Pamela Newman on

    I am unable to see the link between hair loss and brain growth as we age.
    Your description on TV was too fast for me to comprehend. I am worried that my fine hair is thinning as well as being forgetful at times.

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